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Highest Quality Standard

Shelton "Shaff" Hairston (CEO/Design Chief The Hairston Brand/Enigma Design Studios) began his professional fashion career in 2009. As CEO of The Enigma LLC (dba Enigma Design Studios) Shelton has worked on fashion design/marketing projects with Nipsey Hussle, Crooks & Castles, Villans La, Slowbucks, Defend Paris, Cutthroat LA, Cross Colours, and Yekim Just to name a few. 

With The Hairston Brand, every garment is hand crafted, custom designed, hand dyed and manufactured in Enigma Design Studios (Los Angeles, California). Our garments are made with only premium fabrics and textiles. We pride ourselves in crafting the highest quality standard. Each garment is a limited edition piece made to order and built to last. Thank you for your support!!

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